Orthoceras Egg


Orthoceras Plate
Origin: Morroco
Age: Devonian Period – approx. 350 – 450 Million Years Old
Species: Orthoceras
Overall Size: 2″

Each sphere is unique as they are all natural, we will send you a high quality piece but not exactly in the picture. SOLD WITHOUT STAND

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Orthoceres was one of the first members of the class Cephalopoda to appear in the fossil record. Cephalopods are fast moving predatory marine invertebrates. Living members of this group include squid, octopi and nautiloids. Orthoceres was a creature similar to a squid with eyes, tentacles and a ‘toothlike’ beak to tear its prey apart. They had the ability to squirt ink to hide their escape from an enemy. Orthoceres occupied an elongated straight cone shaped shell. This extinct group of ‘uncurled’ cephalopods first appeared during the Ordovician Period. A group of these evolved into a semi-coiled form which is generally believed to be an older (earlier) form which eventually gave rise to the curled ammonites (also extinct) and the nautiloids which still inhabit the oceans of the world today.

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